Tuesday, August 17, 2010

83,799 Fans of Manhunt and I’m not one of them!

Facebook: 71,000
Twitter: 11,699
MySpace 1,100

Manhunt revenue must really be starting to tank from previous years.  They recently added the” follow us on” Facebook and Twitter icons to the bottom of their tracking list pages.  Wouldn’t these ads be best placed on the “Health” link section?

They are stepping up their Facebook/Twitter/MySpace ad campaigns and going right after manhunt’s target age groups, and among these, the most vulnerable young adult.  Sure, sign up for a free account, but if you can’t afford the full price of a membership, just wait about a week or two after being a new member and they will offer you 50% off your membership.  The coupon ad will pop up when you log in and look something like this.  This is just one of their tricks to suck you in.

click to enlarge

It’s smart advertising on their behalf, but sad to see their advertising is going so viral and targeting the most at risk vulnerable young adults.  The age groups where new HIV infections is continually on the rise. 

I just hope that vulnerable young adult will not sign into an irresponsible social network of m4m sites.

Say no to Manhunt.net and say yes to connexion.org

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