Monday, August 23, 2010

Confidential vs. Anonymous HIV testing; what is the difference, and what does your State allow?

HIV testing may be confidential or anonymous. With confidential testing, a person’s name is recorded with their test result. With anonymous testing, no name is used, and you are identified as a number.  All states offer confidential testing but not all offer anonymous testing. As of April 2008, 11 states offered only confidential testing.   Take a look below to see what your state offers and log onto to find a free testing location nearest you, or 

Alabama C
Alaska C, A
Arizona C, A
Arkansas C, A
California C, A
Colorado C, A
Connecticut C, A
Delaware C, A
District of Columbia C, A
Florida C, A
Georgia C, A
Hawaii C, A
Idaho C
Illinois C, A
Indiana C, A
Iowa C
Kansas C, A
Kentucky C, A
Louisiana C, A
Maine C, A
Maryland C, A
Massachusetts C, A
Michigan C, A
Minnesota C, A
Mississippi C
Missouri C, A
Montana C, A
Nebraska C, A
Nevada C
New Hampshire C, A
New Jersey C, A
New Mexico C, A
New York C, A
North Carolina C
North Dakota C
Ohio C, A
Oklahoma C, A
Oregon C, A
Pennsylvania C, A
Rhode Island C, A
South Carolina C
South Dakota C
Tennessee C
Texas C, A
Utah C, A
Vermont C, A
Virginia C, A
Washington C, A
West Virginia C, A
Wisconsin C, A
Wyoming C, A
American Samoa C, A
Guam C, A
Northern Mariana Islands C, A
Puerto Rico C, A
U.S. Virgin Islands C

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