Saturday, August 14, 2010

Follow my blog entries as I report on irresponsible M4M social netoworking websites

I have made it my quest to bring to light the negativity of MSM (men who have sex with men) social networking sites. I believe these sites are directly contributing to an increase in HIV infections in the MSM population. These sites are non representative of the GLBT community as a whole. In fact, I believe they have become an embarrassment to the GLBT community.

At an early age a particular site played on my vulnerabilities, and lured me in with salacious advertising. At a time when social networking was just starting, and I was exploring my sexuality in Boston, MA– an ad from one of the biggest MSM social networking sites today lured me in. For the past 10 years of my life I have been addicted to this site and others that followed in this particular sites footstep.

The biggest MSM today site started off as a legitimate way to connect with others in the MSM community, but before long an underground drug and sex culture became associated with this site, and others. The MSM sites of yesteryear have become catalysts to unsafe sex practices and widespread drug use.

Today, we have legitimate social networking sites such as, and where members of the LGBT community can communicate and connect without the glorified inference of drugs and sex seen throughout the various MSM sites today.

We are dealing with the biggest public health care crisis in the MSM community since AIDS was first diagnosed in the 80’s. This is a war in Public Health and we can no longer turn a blind eye on these sites. These sites must be put on notice that no longer will they be able to run “business as usual”.

I invite you to follow my series of posts as I go undercover highlighting the negativity of MSM sites. These sites will go unnamed, so as not to glorify them. Continue to check back as new reports are posted.

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