Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go to College, and get the funding to do so! Your credit history does not matter! And…it’s never too late

Many people simply write off College, because they may not have the money to go, or they think that there credit is so damaged that they would never be able to get a loan to pay for schooling. 
YOUR DAMAGED CREDIT has no bearing on government funded college loans.  There is the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program that MOST schools participate in and that you will most likely qualify for.   Choose a school, and look to see what programs are offered that might interest you.  Read the requirements, but don’t get TOO discouraged if you don’t meet all the requirements.  Many schools will still admit you, but on conditions.  A condition being you must take xyz course and pass it with a certain grade, before you are allowed to go further into the program.
Maybe you can’t afford the college applications fees?  Call the admissions department and ask if they offer “fee waivers”.  If they don’t, wait until next week when you have some extra cash, or borrow the 25.00 application fee from a family member or friend.
Other than government funded student loans you may also be eligible for scholarships and grants.  
Just go to – it’s free and easy to use.  1 in 3 people benefit from using  fast web!
Step 1: Find your school and program that you like
Step 2: Apply to your school of choice
Step 3:  Fill out the FAFSA – this will determine your financial aid eligibility.
Step 4: Wait for your acceptance letter (s)
Tip***after you have applied for your program of choice and filled out your FAFSA, you can call the financial aid department at your school, and they can give you an approximate total of aid that you are eligible for.  This aid can be used to cover school AND living expenses.
So, if you’re in that run in life, and not sure what to do.  Channel you’re your energy into learning something new.
Challenge your mind!  Knowledge is power!

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