Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am enraged with myspace, facebook, and twitter

Oh- and manhunt.net if you haven't been able to tell from my blog yet. 

Just as its said alcohol or marijuana are "gateway" drugs to other drugs leading to substance abuse.. Well manhunt.net and other online MSM websites are a gateway to drugs, unsafe sexual practices,  HIV, Hepatitis, others STDs, and criminal behaviors.

The reason I am enraged with myspace, facebook and twitter is because these are the users that manhunt.net is going after.  Young vulnerable adults, that will become hooked onto this online MSM culture. Manhunt.net being the biggest online MSM site, is the gateway site to other irresponsible MSM sites.

I am enraged that myspace, facebook, and twitter would even consider a business relationship with a site that is pornographic in nature and luring in young vulnerable adults - the same young vulnerable adults associated with the three sites mentioned above.

It sickens me.  Maybe facebook, twitter, and myspace are just not aware the type of site they choose to associate with?  Well, I am letting them know.  Last week I sent a letter to facebook's corporate headquarters, and today one is going out to myspace, and to twitter.  I don't think these companies will like it very much when I send my letter with these associated screen shots and CDC statistics.

Click images to enlarge

Currently 71,000 followers on facebook and 11,474 followers on twitter Facebooks Terms of Use

this my space fan page has about 1,100 followers  My spaceTerms of Service

Do you see the follow us on facebook and twitter logo's?Why not put these in the Health Link section instead?

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