Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is your man cheating on you with another man?

Below are the following links to look for in your computer’s URL history. The following sites are just a handful of the most popular MSM (men who have sex with men) social networking sites out there today. See my 4 tips on checking to see if your man is cheating on you and how to protect your computer from pornographic sites.

1) Websites to look for on the computer,,,,,,,,,

If he’s cheating on you on craigslist, below is an example of a link you may see on your computer’s URL history. Look for category=m4m at the end of the web address. See example below.

2) Check his mobile device
Be sure to check his mobile device/cell phone for any of the above referenced sites. Also, the two largest MSM websites have specific site setup for mobile devices. The two website addresses you may see are or

If he has an I Phone or a Blackberry look for the Grindr Application logo:

3) Check his credit card statement or telephone bill
Look for a charge from Online Buddies, or CC Bill. CC Bill is the largest e commerce solution for internet porn sites. If he is not cheating on you with another man, he may just be surfing porn on the web.

If a charge appears as CC bill you can look into what that charge is very easily by going to the below link. I have also included a screen shot to show you how easy it is to find out who this cc bill charge is from. You don’t actually need to be looking at a credit card statement. You just need an e-mail address and credit card number, and in seconds you can see the porn sites your man is exploring online. (See below)

Go to the following link, and below you will see the following. Just type in an e mail address and credit card number and click search. If a charge from CC Bill shows up on your telephone bill you can choose telephone billing from the drop down box instead of credit card.

Click on the image to enlarge

As you see above, you can also call or e mail CC Bill.

4) Prevent viewing of pornographic material on your computer
To prevent your child or your spouse from viewing these sites above, or any site pornographic in nature you can download any of the following programs to your computer. Click on any of the links to be taken right to the site.

Net Nanny
The cost of this program is for your computer is 39.99 and 29.99 for a mobile device. They also offer a free trial, and for 59.95 you can add the program on up to 3 computers.

Cyber Patrol
The cost of this program is 39.99 and protects 3 computers for that cost. They do not offer a mobile device blocking application at this point. They also offer a free trial.

Cyber Sitter
This is the oldest in online website protection. This program costs 39.95 for one computer. I don’t see a free trial available.

I have used this one. It’s free, and work’s well. I once wanted to block myself from these websites. I installed it and had a friend input a password and his e mail address so that I could not reset the password.

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