Saturday, August 14, 2010

It’s Saturday night; do you know where your friend is?

He's probably online, looking to “hook-up” or just aimlessly staring at an orange and/or blue screen hoping/waiting that someone messages them.

I know, it’s hot out, you don’t feel like going out to the bar tonight, or hanging with some friends at your house or theirs. Maybe you didn’t get paid this week, is it raining? Are you just feeling tired and lazy? Come on now, you’ve gotten ready, your dressed, you psyched yourself up and even confirmed with friends earlier that you would be going out. What happened?

You and I know what it is. It’s that blue and/or orange screen that probably sucked your friend into a night of aimless chatting between strangers. Maybe he will hook up, most likely he won't. More than likely your friend will fall asleep at his computer, with his clothes he put on to go out in, and have wasted countless hours searching for? You will have texted him numerous times, called him, and no answer.

Well, one thing is certain you'll be a bit disappointed and your friend will wake up and regret not having met up with you. Because- his night will have been very socially unfulfilling.

Do friends even exist anymore, or are we becoming a society of acquaintances?

If you’re out tonight, and wondering where your friend is; he’s probably included in one of the below numbers.

Online right now between and

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