Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letter to all Arizona officials Re: Wet Media, Inc.

Dear Governor Jan Brewer,
CC: Arizona Department of Health Services, US State Senator John McCain, US State Senator John Kyl, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, US Department of Justice Arizona.

RE: Wet Media, Inc
I had faxed/mailed the Governor’s office and both US State Senators a 36 page report detailing a MSM (men who have sex with men) social networking culture and what I feel is a Public Health Crisis that is contributing to a rise in new HIV infections amongst the male to male category.
I am now writing with new information and with regard to a company incorporated in your State.  The company name is Wet Media, Inc.  They operate the pornographic social networking websites and  On this site, drugs and unsafe sex practices run rampant.
I would ask you all to stand with me in denouncing this site’s practices and doing ALL you can to prevent a young vulnerable adult from logging into an online social networking culture of drugs and unsafe sex.
Your attention to this matter, and reply would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Could you please also perhaps publicize that the owner(s) of the site are committing illegal, fraudulent acts on its paying members by arbitrarily altering and deleting the accounts of members who have recently paid for full membership to the site. Any attempts by these members to even inquire as to the reason their accounts were terminated are never answered, and these individuals are literally shut out from any attempts to further communicate with the site's customer service center. When these victimized individuals attempt to call the website's customer service number, they are immediately hung-up on as soon as they identify themselves. All emails to the website in order to inquire as to why their accounts were deleted, or any attempts made to obtain any monetary refund for their membership payments, are either simply ignored and unanswered, or these members receive a template generic response, citing "violation of site policies" which the member had never committed. Apparently in Wet-Media, Inc.'s world (the overseeing corporation), illegally scamming and stealing from its customers is a daily routine and its standard practice. And as cowards and crooks do, they hide behind the skirt tails of sheer avoidance and lying through their teeth in order to escape any accountability for their despicable and illegal behavior and actions. In addition to the health hazard epidemic that this site is at the forefront of promoting, this site has a multitude of illegal actions under its belt which should facilitate it to be shut down for these latter reasons alone. In order to put a stop to this site's propaganda towards glamorizing the spread of the hiv virus and unsafe sexual practices (and illegal drug usage), all resources can and should be utilized in order to achieve the goals of the obliteration of this website from existence, and the criminal and civil punishment of the site's owner(s). Then perhaps the many victims of this website's owner(s) will be able to finally obtain some sense of justice.


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