Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letter to All Massachusetts Officials, Re: Online Buddies, Inc.

Dear Governor Deval Patrick,
CC: Massachusetts Department of Health, US State Senator Scott Brown, US State Senator John Kerry, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, US District Attorney’s Office of Massachusetts

RE: Online Buddies, Inc.

I had faxed/mailed the Governor’s office and both US State Senators a 36 page report detailing a MSM (men who have sex with men) social networking culture and what I feel is a Public Health Crisis that is contributing to a rise in new HIV infections amongst the male to male category.
I am now writing specifically about Online Buddies, Inc., which is incorporated in your State.  They operate a pornographic social networking website called   This is the BIGGEST and most influential site when it comes to gay/bisexual male” hook-up sites”.  They are the largest producing revenue company amongst MSM social networking sites.  An underground culture of drugs and unsafe sex practices run rampant throughout the site.
What has me the most upset is that there marketing is misleading, and that they have recently begun an aggressive viral campaign teaming up with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  They have also begun offering incentive to members for “liking” them on Facebook.  Through such viral marketing they are targeting the most vulnerable and at risk young adults.  The Better Business Bureau has Online Buddies, Inc. listed as a “dating site”.
I would ask you all to stand with me in denouncing this site and doing ALL you can to prevent another young vulnerable adult from logging into an online social networking culture of drugs and unsafe sex.
Your attention to this matter, and reply would be greatly appreciated.

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