Saturday, August 14, 2010

MH advertising on Public Phone Booths in NYC

To rebut Senator Tom Duanes reply in my previous blog entry "as chair of the Senate Health Committee as well as New York State’s only openly-HIV-positive State legislator, the representative of a district that has one of the highest rates of known HIV infections in the country, and an outraged witness to the virus’s continued spread.....", and "I also have first amendment concerns about your call to shut down and similar websites as well as to limit their right to advertise"

I ask you Senator. How can you be an outraged witness when you allow these ads posted on public phone booths throughout your district, as well as allow public sponsored events in your district by manhunt? How can you standby manhunt and turn a blind eye on a website that is contributing to an increase in HIV infections not only in your district, but in cities across the Country.

and to your point : "where do we draw the line". I think that is a discussion that needs to begin in earnest.

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