Saturday, August 14, 2010

My letter mailed to Facebook Headquarters in CA

To: The CEO of Facebook

Cc: marketing and advertising team

I am writing with regard to three company fan pages on your site, one of which is called Its web address listed as, its corporate name is Online Buddies, Inc.

These websites are pornographic in nature and a catalyst to drug use and unsafe sex practices. Illegal practices are associated with the website (with regard to prostitution services offered by its members online). These sites are contributing to a rise in HIV infections amongst the gay/bisexual community. Especially amongst the vulnerable 15-29 year old.

I ask of you to remove these pages so as to protect that vulnerable young adult from making a foolish mistake, and signing into an irresponsible M4M social networking culture. I have included these fan pages below. I have included a screen shot as to where your logo appears within the site, and I have included screen shots from within these sites. The descriptions on the fan pages lead users to believe this is a dating site – when in fact it is not.

When it comes to social networking I have the utmost respect for Facebook. These M4M sites are undermining your integrity.

I hope that you will take action on this matter. I look forward to your reply.


A concerned member of the GLBT community

Fan pages mentioned above:


Screen Shots Sent along with letter....

mh facebook


escort ad


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