Saturday, August 14, 2010

A poem I wrote entitled "Another Day"

This was a poem I had written in a very weak moment several year ago.......


A part of me had slipped away

Hope and dreams began to fade

Days ahead were looking bleak

I never been this weak

When things aren’t going quite your way

It is easy to go astray

To disguise your fears

To flee from everyday

I’ve decided not to runaway

I took a step back

Took a look around

And will keep on my way

The days are not yet lost

My dreams are still to be

With strength, hope, and courage

Life will go on another day

This journey of discovery

Bound for up’s and downs

I’m determined to stay focused

And stand my ground

As the sun shines, and the ocean waves

A new dawn is on the way

A better light than what was to be

Will hover over me

When that day is achieved

Hope will have prevailed

Dreams will be unveiled

And life will go on another day


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