Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Mothers lung transplant evaluation

My Mother has Severe COPD FEV 1. Columbia University called to say they want to expedite her lung transplant evaluation. It begins now. Over the course of the next month she will be having a plethora of tests done locally and many tests we will need to drive to NYC for. These tests will determine if she is a candidate for a lung transplant and it will be discussed when she should be placed on the organ donation list - should she be a viable candidate. Thus far, we have not run into any problems with the tests that have already been done.

We are awaiting a packet in the mail detailing the needed tests and where to have them done.She understands the commitment as well as I.  Pre and post transplant. It's a long road ahead, but I look forward to the day when my mother is able to breath on her own again without 5 liters of continuous flow oxygen.

Did you know they can remove both damaged lung, and transplant one good lung and the survival rate is just the same?  I never knew you could live with just one lung! 

If you are having trouble stopping smoking:

For Teens: Check out the organization Reality Check
Reality Check is a youth-led movement with the goal of exposing the truth about tobacco and the manipulative marketing practices that the tobacco industry uses to target teens.

and for anyone visit the American lung association to find services and get help to stop smoking....

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