Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Christmas Tree; a Metaphor of Life?

Never in my life have I had my own tree, as I have been a roommate for so long; and away from my family and those instilled familial holiday traditions.  When I come in my front door and see MY tree, or while sitting on my couch looking at it, or peering at it from my desk; my feelings of unsteadiness in my life right now – slip away; and for a moment I have no worries.  I think about nothing else in that moment, but that tree.   
When I first picked up my tree – it was hiding amongst the other trees.  When I pulled it out to look at it the branches weren’t quite right, one side was a bit less full than the other, and it had some gaps.   It had potential though, so I took it home.  Over that afternoon the tree began to thaw, the branches began to fall into place and the gaps starting filling in. I watered it for the first time, and again this morning.  
That tree hiding amongst the others was in obvious distress, it was picked over, and nobody was paying attention to it.  This morning the branches are perky, it’s standing erect, and I can see the life pouring out of that tree.  Could something as simple as a tree, be a metaphor for your life right now?
Are you someone out there who is hiding away from the World? Are you a bit lonely, scared, and unsure of your future?  Don’t be, because you have so much hidden potential.  It’s not too late to go out and get your own tree.  Or maybe this year, you just didn’t feel like lighting your Menorah.  I say take out that Menorah and light it, go get that tree, and put on your favorite holiday music. DO NOT squander another day living under a cloud of doom.
I realize though, that for many of us a tree is beyond our budget this year – it was beyond mine.  But I wasn’t going to let this Christmas slip away without one, as I had been too unhappy for so long.

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