Sunday, December 19, 2010

Say Hi to me

I am your Brother.  I am your Daughter. I am your Friend. I am your Neighbor. I am your Colleague. I am your Classmate. I am your lover.  I am your Cousin.  I am your Son
I am your Teacher.  I am a news anchor. I am a Firefighter. I am Police Officer. I am an Actor.  I am a politician. I am your Priest. I am a Doctor. I saved your life.  I serve in the Military. I change the oil in your car.  I handle your groceries when you check out in my line. I am the homeless guy you pass on the street.

We stood in line together.  Our children go to school together.  I was in the car beside you today.  That was me sitting next to you.  I go to school with you.  My hand brushed against yours on the subway.  We drink from the same water fountain, swim in the same pool, and congregate in the same areas.  

Why don't you say hi to me?
I am gay and you may not be, I have HIV and you may not, I have Hepatitis C and you may not have that either. I am shy and you may not be.  You may not have or be a lot of the things I am or have, but I am still your Neighbor, still your Brother, Colleague, Classmate, and your Son.  And as long as I am here; I am somebody. 

Say Hi to me J
-          Kevin M

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  1. This is amazing.. I'm always wanting to be aggressed and said high too because I'm so shy at first and backwards. East coast is different and sometimes cold, I noticed when in Colorado if you don't say Hi on the street or hold the door your looked at strange as if on the east coast you say hi or open the door you get a what a weirdo look. I hate how we as a population have lost that simple everyday mannerisms that take a mere second and a mere breath to produce.. I want to go back to Colorado just to be able to open doors for little old ladies say hello to the cashier and have a pleasant response in return, it was like living in the 50's I loved it..


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