Friday, January 14, 2011

Facebook has taken down the A4A fan page; Now take down MH! Another letter sent.

I had written the this letter to face book headquarters at the time and was told that they removed inappropriate content that was listed on this Adam4Adam fan page, as a result of my letter.  I see the page is now down, and no longer is adam4adam displaying your logo on their website.

I commend Facebook as this is a big step in the right direction in the fight to curb HIV/AIDS amongst the most vulnerable population. Thank you for realizing that this is an irresponsible social networking website.

There is still one more MSM social networking website that has prominence on your site, that too, is an irresponsible social networking website that has become the #1 catalyst in the spread of HIV in the US.
This fan page is  I implore you to look into this sites business practices and false advertising.

There is healthy social networking and since of community amongst the LGBT community and especially those living with HIV.  Including the pages on your site entitled pozIamers (, and Who's Positive ( and Poz Magazine (

The page undermines FB integrity and I feel is a slap in the face to all those on face book who advocate, educate, and care so passionately about preventing this terrible illness. Please review my letter I sent back in August, and please take into consideration removing the fan page from Facebook.

Again, I thank you for taking down the Adam4Adam fan page, and I appreciate you looking into and removing this page as well. I look forward to your response.

Letter written back in august to Facebook.


  1. You cannot blame a website for giving you HIV/AIDS. People make their own choices and must be accountable for their actions. To blame someone else or a website is ridiculous and only makes you look like an idiot for not taking responsibility for protecting your own health. You need to grow up.

  2. So, Facebook should permit a fan page for a website promoting unsafe sex?

    I'm sure Anonymous would think that tobacco companies who promote smoking to pregnant woman should be given a Facebook page to promote their website.

    It is anonymous who is an idiot saying Kevin suggested a website was the direct cause of AIDS.

    Sharon Engle & Sarah Palin were not the direct cause of Gabbie Giford being shot either. Promoting violence like promoting unsafe sex has it's consequences.

    It is totally appropriate to ask Facebook to remove a fan page for a company that encourages the spread of AIDS.

  3. I personally know someone who solicits for sex on and I know he has AIDS. I have a conscious and not sure who to tell or what to do about it. One of the stats they ask you on is your HIV status and he has "negative". In my book, that is murder!


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