Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Continue to stay on top of my health
Eat more greens
Remember to take my Vitamin D and Fish Oil every day
Begin a rigorous exercise routine
Pass my classes
Make more Friends
Be happier
Launch something very exciting - details to come in 2011.
Maybe if time permits – meet someone nice.
And I will keep advocating, keep educating, and keep communicating via my blog my experiences, strength, and hopes living with HIV and POST Hepatitis C.
Even, if sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading my blog, but fans of Lady Gaga. I will continue to write, for the fans of Lady Gaga, and for anyone who happens to stumble across my blog.  I wonder if I can get Lady Gaga herself to follow me on twitter or on my blog?!? And Katy Perry? J
Ok, so, two more New Year’s Resolutions;
1) Get Lady Gaga to follow me on Twitter and/or my blog
2) Get Katy Perry to follow me on Twitter and/or my blog

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