Monday, February 21, 2011

Daniel Logan faces AIDS Discrimination on ABC's show "What Would You Do"'

On Friday February 18th on ABC’s hit show “What would you do” a segment aired on AIDS discrimination. Daniel Logan; HIV Positive and 2 other actors spent a day at a diner in NJ facing AIDS discrimination head on. From the segment most of the restaurant was VERY supportive of Daniel, and one customer after hearing what was going on, went over to console Danny and invited him to sit at her table to eat. I contacted Danny after the show, and he replied. His words were very inspiring. Thank you Danny for rising up to HIV!  See Danny's reply below

Hey Kevin. Thanks for the nice/kind words. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnoses but do know that these kinds of obstacles and hurtles are really what make us who we are. It may sound strange, but I kind of look at what I... have as a blessing in disguise because I reclaimed my life back that may have gone out of control in the future. It recentered me and helped me find the best in life. If you can see past it as a label or a brick wall and simply just something you need to "CLIMB OVER" then you're golden. Be good. Take care. If you need anything, i'm here!

If you skip to 13:13 in the episode you can see the segment without watching the whole show.

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  1. I already watch the What would you do? show but for whatever reason I had missed this one. I don't cry that's just the way I was raised. I have dealt with being poz and the lack of awareness and/or ignorance of others over the last 5 years. Seeing the segment made me cry because it's really sad that there still are people who think a handshake is a potential death sentence. Just goes to show there is a good deal of awareness that needs to be taught to society.


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