Saturday, February 26, 2011

Straight married Woman get's tested every 6 months

Linda tells me she is tested for HIV every 6 months, even though she is married. I think this is a test every married woman should include in their annual check-up with their doctor. 
I was 18. Someone told me that my sons father was HIV positive. Thankfully my test came back negative. After that I was tested every 6 months continuing until recently. I have been married for eleven years, and some people question why I continued to be tested. My response is, to be on the safe side. Who knows if my husband may have had a weak moment I was unaware of? Why would I take the chance?
Thank you Linda for sharing your HIV testing story with me.
Additionally you can visit;  type in your zipcode and find a testing location nearest you. Also, THE ONLY FDA approved home testing kit called Home Access is another option. This was the first test I did on myself. You can purchase a test which will be delivered to your address of choice in a non-descript box. You can read more about this test at

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