Monday, February 7, 2011

Tell Washington we MUST protect the legacy of Ryan White!

Ryan White
Ryan White paved the way for so many of us living with HIV/AIDS and today his legacy is being threatened.  His legacy is now threatened by bureaucracy in Government, by Pharmaceutical Companies, and by people who have become complacent to the cause.  It is time that we re-ignite the movement in the fight for equal rights and access to care for EVERYONE living with HIV/AIDS across the United States.  We MUST do all we can to protect the legacy of Ryan White. There should be no reason, no excuse to have over 6000 people currently waiting for life saving medications.
To Robert Breining’s point on his radio show last night at; we are being told to get tested, know your status, but then being told we can’t help you.  People testing positive in MANY states are being sent away with their name on a waiting list hoping they will be called.  For those who do not find out until they are so sick that they NEED to be on meds, what do we do? Is it too late for them? Do we send them home on a waiting list to die?  I also find it counter productive when the CDC recently issues new guidelines which have recommended starting treatment sooner, rather than later, how can we?  We have come to a perlis time in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
A comprehensive review of the Ryan White Care Act or ADAP as we’ve come to know it is in URGENT need of a review between high levels of Government and Pharmaceutical companies, along with Health Organizations, Advocates, and others in the field. My fear is that we will see a flashback to the 80’s. People dying, but this time, not because we have no drugs to treat the disease, but because we don’t have the funding to do so.  I think its way over due, and time to take these drug companies to task, demand more from Washington, and get more people involved in the cause again.  Whether gay, bi, straight, lesbian, negative or positive - we must come together now.
Clinton signing the Ryan White Care Act
Quoting the words of Jeanne White Ginder “the biggest contribution I think that Ryan made is, and I didn't know it at that time, that his legacy would be that people are getting their drugs and their treatment and that people are living with AIDS.” I wonder what his mother’s remarks would be of the crisis today. She mustn’t be happy.
Let’s not let Ryan White’s Legacy slip away.  Let’s call out these Pharmaceutical Companies AND call them to Capitol Hill, write your Senators, Community Leaders, and the President.  Let’s march on Washington – we will not be forgotten and Ryan White's legacy MUST live on.  

Obama signing the Ryan White Care Act
Visit to find your local and state representatives, and to keep up to tabs on this crisis visit the ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+).   I appreciate your interest in this topic and let’s keep the hope alive that we will soon live in a World free of HIV/AIDS and the ADAP acronym will be written into history.


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