Saturday, March 12, 2011

A poem titled "Red Rise"; Empowering, Inspirational and Uplifiting

I asked my friend James Anthony to write a poem from the perpective of someone who is HIV negative. His poem is powerful, empowering, meaningful, and inspirational.

In Anthony's words; 22 from South Carolina

Being that I grew up with a mother who worked with HIV/AIDS patients, I have seen what it is like for those who live with it on a daily basis and what he/she has to go through to make ends meet and make life meet. I take honor and pride in supporting those who are living with Red Rise because they possess more love in their little pinky finger than many others. They know how to live life!!!

This piece that I have written is of real importance to me, because I know what it is like to be scared and alone. Though I do not have HIV, I do not know what kind of scare that is, but I have had an HIV scare and it was honestly the most horrific time of my life; and longest two weeks of a wait for me. I understand the feeling of wanting to ends one life because of sadness, depression and the feeling that no one understands, but in the end of it all (though it is easier said than done) ending one's life is never for the best. Some people who have HIV believe that they will never be able to lead a long, healthy life and some believe that they will never meet that one person to love.

Life is hard and we all know this. Life can be a pain in the ass and we all know this, but in the extent of it all, we are all a blessing regardless of what we are living with or going through. I hope that Red Rise will help bring a "peace" of mind to those who are living with HIV/AIDS and those who are not living with it. We are all the same and we all have the same colored heart that beats with love; let's use that love to support one another. Don't give up because it is hard! I can't  say much about that, because I am one that gets depressed from time to time, but if we work together in harmony and love, we can all learn from one another. Remember Red Rise shall pass and will flow away like a rapid river; as it should.


Forget about the way it came to be
Forget that it brought amongst death
Let it sink with no worry
Shine through the midst of hell
Love it till the day you’re reborn
Every chance equals a mistake
Red Rise on the dime
But the love never ceases
Bringing one and all together
Dance, Dance, Dance
In time when one can unite
No fear, no disgrace, just sweet tastes of prosperity
Bring the beat around
Turn it inside out and kiss the sweet joy
Red Rise got no power over you
Red Rise just flows in and out
Standing tall, hand in hand
Clasped arms encircled, waiting for that day to rise
That day to rise with no fear, all equal in one
Reflection stares back in the mirror
Why are we doing this to ourselves?
We continue to lose on the edge
We leave ourselves inside without any take of the mind
Nightmares are beginning to run like ovulated beings
Panic modes and deceit are freeing themselves into the reality of notion and point
Red Rise is on a constant spur of taking lives with no crash
But when that crash ceases Red Rise will be faced with eternal hell
Where is the family when needed?
Where are the friends you always hoped for?
The feeling of unworthiness seems to takes it course for more than a day
Feelings of a hero coming to save you from your torture seem to lessen
But one day you shall rise up to the occasion and become the hero
The hero that has defeated the red from rising and conquering
Red Rise will forever cease in the depths of hell and make no pass way for another
Dance, Dance, Dance
Rejoice with tears and laughter
The love from those who understand will follow through
Stand up and rise for that occasion of acceptance
Live through the eyes of beauty
For beauty in the eyes tell all
Sing, Sing, Sing
Let your words speak freely through your tongue
Kill, Kill, Kill
Red Rise will surpass this dangerous adventure
The feeling and being of a new life will step forth and bring forth more than a twirl
Sweats, hate, torture, all that can be imagined from Red Rise will halt, pause, and surrender
 Red Rise no more my pretty child
Red Rise no more my pretty being
Red Rise no more my pretty girl
Red Rise no more my pretty boy
May the wishes of blessings bless your head
And may the life you once knew be surrendered
For you child are no mistake
You are a beautiful creature created by a GOD of statue and portion
You are no blessing  in disguise
You are a pure bliss of love
You are a striving companion of love
You are not a factor of Red Rise
Red Rise will flow away freely
Red Rise shall pass
Go my beautiful child 
Dream, Dream, Dream
Dance, Dance, Dance
Sing, Sing, Sing
Red Rise shall be no more

You can e mail Anthony at and you can see more of his work at

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