Wednesday, April 6, 2011

German Doctors are confirming a cure for AIDS; April 2011

We have all seen this story circulating. Back on December 15th 2009 German doctors announced they had cured a man with HIV. He had a bone marrow transplant which doctors in Germany claimed cured him of HIV. However, it was not announced as an official cure by german doctores until Aptil 2011.  My friend wanted me to share this link with my viewers, and see his comments below. This does sound promising but, but not a feasable cure option as my friend states below:

unless you want a bone marrow transplant, can find a doctor to do it, a matching donor that carries the gene (1% of the population) your sh*t out of luck. It does not seem like an acceptable cure to me. The man was cured though, but he was treated because he needed the transplant because of his cancer. He happened to have HIV and the donor had the gene, 3 years later the man is still cleared of HIV.

This treatment may get rid of hiv, but heavy chemo often causes cancer years later.

Thanks for sharing this with me. Maybe not a feasable cure (if a cure at all), but maybe this will lead to new research towards the cure.

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