Monday, April 25, 2011

Tell Washington, DC to FULLY fund ADAP and other HIV/AIDS Programs to prevent needless deaths

I created this petition on about 3 weeks ago, and it is approaching 600 signatures, though many more are needed. For those who have already sign; I thank you! Below is a link to the petition. Please sign, share on facebook, and tweet it. E mail it to friends and family, to any advocacy e mail list serves you have. I will be attending the ADAP summit in July and hope to present this petiton to members of congress. Below is a brief description of the petition and the link to it.

To: President Obama, Congress, and the US House of Representatives

On this the 30th year of the AIDS epidemic our country is at a perlious time in the fight against HIV/AIDS. ADAP and other HIV programs across the country are being reduced, threatened to be eliminated, and people are being put on waiting list to receive life saving/sustaining medications. Never before has this situation been as dire as it is now and a call to action is required!

Ryan White paved the way for so many of us living with HIV/AIDS and today his legacy is being threatened. It is time that we re-ignite the movement in the fight for equal rights AND equal access to care for EVERYONE living with HIV/AIDS across the United States. WE MUST tell Washington and States throughout the Country to protect the legacy of Ryan White.

Quoting the words of Jeanne White Ginder “the biggest contribution I think that Ryan made is, and I didn't know it at that time, that his legacy would be that people are getting their drugs and their treatment and that people are living with AIDS.” I wonder what his mother’s remarks would be today of this crisis.

Read more and sign the petiton! Thank you for all your much needed support!

Kevin Maloney

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