Sunday, April 3, 2011

We do what we do, because we care.

To:  Advocates, Educators, Politicians, Medical Professionals, PLWHAS, and to anyone else affected by HIV/AIDS. 
One person cannot do it all alone. It takes the support of others, a team of people with passion, with committment, and perserverance. Zest for life, and for wanting to make a difference in the World. I know I can’t do it all alone.  I am inspired by you, I listen and learn from you, I am motivated by you, I NEED your support.  
Heck, even the President and Governors of States needs their staff to advise them. Yes, The President and Governor may be the ultimate decision maker, but they consult with others, and listen to the American People and through these actions they surmise the best possible plan to put forward.  Sometimes the ultimate decision may come with full confidence, sometimes having to compromise on issues, causing divisions in Government and within our Country.  It is not that they do not care.
This is just how democracy works. There will be decisions we do not like. That we do not understand. Why, why would the President and States make cuts to HIV Entitlement Programs?  Don’t they know that LIVES depend on these programs?  Don’t they know the history of HIV/AIDS, how far we have come, but how much further yet we have to go.  Some people in Government know these answers; some don’t or have become complacent to the cause, and some are just ignorant to this issue.
These are the people we need to reach.  With our advocacy, education, and voices; we can, and we must.  We can tell those in Washington and States throughout the country to not cut HIV entitlement programs, but to keep them fully funded.  Lives depend on these programs.
Will you please take a moment to sign this petition?  Thank YOU for your much needed help and support in spreading the word.
Kind Regards,
Kevin Maloney
"Voices in unity strengthening community" - KM

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