Sunday, May 8, 2011

A message to ALL moms on Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s Day!
To all the Moms in the World, happy mother’s day! On this Mother’s day I woke up this morning, reflecting on what it would be like to be an HIV + mom; and an overwhelming amount of sadness came over me. As if being HIV positive is not a struggle in and of itself; how does this affect being a mom?  So, for a moment I thought what it would be like raising a child, and being HIV +, and I struggled with the thought.
Knowing that unless a cure is found I will likely pass before my child; however I hope I live long enough to put her on the bus for her first day of school, to see her graduate from high school, college, get married, and would look forward to being a grandma one day. In the meantime I’d do my best to raise her, instill every possible happy moment into her memory of me; creating every kodak moment possible.  I might even make a scrap book to detail everything.  I would probably even do a video to be shown to her post-partum as the character Jen did in the series Dawson’s Creeks (see below).
Then, I thought; would I even tell her?  And even if I would; at what age would be most appropriate. Does she really need to know?  I’d try to steer her in the right direction, giving her every bit of knowledge she would need to survive in the World; hoping that she would ultimately make the right decisions in her life, and not the mistakes I had made throughout mine.
I would encourage her to travel; and to see the world, to volunteer, and to remember the importance of giving, and championing herself to a cause.  I would love her like no tomorrow, cherish every moment with her, and be over protective of her wellbeing. I would keep myself as healthy as possible, as she would be my motivation for living.
You know, and then I got to thinking. Being HIV + doesn’t matter much in the grand picture. Above all I am a mom; I love my child, and want the best for her, and would love and take care of her until my last breath.  As most ANY mom would.
So, on Mother’s day; I would forget for a day that I am HIV positive, spend quality time with my child and make the best of a day celebrating me.  To ALL moms in the world today, Happy Mothers Days!

Kevin Maloney

I don’t mean to make any Mother cry on Mother’s day, but this was a touching scene from Dawson’s Creek many years ago that I think of often.

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