Friday, September 9, 2011

Action Alert: AIDS Drugs Assistance Program Tweet Up on Sept 15th, 2011

For Immediate Release

The ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+) is taking a page out of the playbook from the "Arab Spring" protesters in order to launch its "ADAP Fall" social media campaign starting with a “Obama-ADAP Twitter Day.” The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the growing ADAP waiting lists by leveraging one of the leading social media outlets. Twitter users are asked to direct their hashtag #ObamaADAP Tweets at President Obama using handle @whitehouse

Twitter users are asked to do the following on Thursday, September 15th starting anytime after 7:00am:
  • Send Tweets hourly;
  •  Use Twitter hashtag #ObamaADAP in the same Tweet
  • Direct Tweets at President Obama with handle @whitehouse; and Encourage friends and colleagues to Tweet, too!
 To view the aaa+ profile on Twitter, go to
On this the 30th year of the AIDS epidemic our country is at a perlious time in the fight against HIV/AIDS. ADAP and other HIV/AIDS programs across the country are being reduced, threatened to be eliminated, and states and US territories are looking at changing elegibility to qualify for these programs.

PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) are being put on wait-lists to receive life saving medications, and others have been cut off from their medications. We are facing the largest public health crisis since the epidemic began 30 years ago.

9.298 is the latest count of people waiting to receive life saving HIV/AIDS medications. Though, as elgibility criteria changes in states, people are cut off waiting lists, disenrolled and forgotton by states.  
ADAPs with Waiting Lists
(9,298 individuals in 11 states*, as of September 1, 2011)
Alabama: 211 people
Florida: 4,022 people
Georgia: 1,715 people
Idaho: 31 people
Louisana: 1,056 people**
Montana: 28 people
North Carolina: 340 people
Ohio: 59 people
South Carolina: 836 people
Utah: 50 people***
Virginia: 950 people

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