Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mission, Vision, and what it means to Rise Up To HIV....

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Mission: to educate, inspire, empower, advocate, network and partake in social change through unilateral and collaborative social media efforts of organizations, PLWHA, and other individuals with diverse backgrounds from all over the World.

Vision: To create positive change for ones selves, families, and entire communities around the World through an army of compassionate individuals and organizations as we march towards the cure for HIV/AIDS.

What does it mean to Rise up to HIV? Below are examples
·         Getting tested for HIV; knowing your status
·         Advocating for a just cause HIV/AIDS related
·         Anything that raises awareness of HIV/AIDS
·         Volunteering in the HIV/AIDS community
·         Using your voice and telling your story to educate others
·         Using your voice and story to help reduce stigma
·         Participating in an AIDS walk
·         Donating to an HIV/AIDS related organization
·         Organizing an HIV /AIDS related event
·         Offering your hand in hand to help someone with HIV/AIDS
·         Working in the HIV/AIDS field
·         Someone who is HIV negative
·         Writing about your experience, strength, and hope living with HIV/AIDS
  • The list could go on and on.......

If you are Rising Up To HIV then I would like to hear about it, so that I can feature your story on my blog.
Please contact me by e mailing me at .  Introduce yourself, tell me your story.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Maloney
"Voices in unity strengthening community"
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