Thursday, April 26, 2012

Join the Campaign to trend #HIV #AIDS and #IAC on Twitter during the International AIDS Conference

May 26th, 2012

Never before has the hash tag #HIV or #AIDS trended on Twitter, not even on World AIDS Day. Twitter has over 100 million users from all over the globe. The International AIDS Conference (IAC) is just around the corner, this year to be hosted in the USA in Washington, DC from July 22-27th and it is the perfect time to not only trend #HIV #AIDS, but to also raise awareness and re-ignite the Global conversation on HIV/AIDS. This year’s them of the conference is titled “turning the tide together” and is expected to draw a crowd upwards of 30,000 people from over 78 countries!

Seven HIV/AIDS Activists have come together to assemble a team of faces and voices who will encourage the global community to Tweet heavily during this week using the hash tags, #HIV and #AIDS during the International AIDS Conference (IAC).

Together, through this campaign, we [the global community] can, we must, make #HIV and #AIDS a trend. This is a HUGE opportunity to bring much needed awareness to the HIV/AIDS, global epidemic. To achieve success we must all make a conscious effort to Tweet our little fingers off! Again, simply use the hashtags #HIV and #AIDS during #AIDS2012 in all of your Tweets during the week of the International AIDS Conference.

The six guys responsible for this global teamwork effort to bring a much broader awareness to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic include: Kevin Maloney of Rise Up to HIV <link: >, Daniel Bauer, escape artist and founder of <link: > , Robert Breining, Founder and Host of Poz I Am Radio / Social Network <link: >, Jeromy Dunn of < link: > and Co-Host, Poz I Am Radio, Aaron Matthew Laxton, YouTube sensation and creator of My HIV Journey <link:> and Mitch Knapp, HIV Activist <link: >. Already this campaign is receiving great momentum and support from Twitter users and HIV activists including Tom Donahue, Maria HIV Mejia and Michelle Anderson – Miss Plus America 2011.

The project #HIV trend project will not end here! Kevin, Daniel, Robert, Jeromy, Aaron and Mitch also plan to unveil in the very new future, details of a bold, new project to keep the #HIV trend in motion. The project is named, Project @HashTagHIV: Let’s Trend Until the End <link: and plans to tackle both national awareness and outreach while simultaneously combating HIV/AIDS related issues (along with other STI’s such as HEP C) at a grassroots level.
Project @HashTagHIV: Let’s Trend until the End will redefine how HIV, AIDS and HEP C (along with other STI’s) awareness, prevention, outreach, activism and much more are put into action in areas that are in desperate need of support.

To participate in this campaign, simply RSVP as going, then Tweet your little fingers off during July 20th through July 27 using the hash tags, #HIV and #AIDS. Also, we encourage Twitter followers to follow the HashTagHIV Twitter <link: > Campaign account to learn about upcoming IAC developments and future project details.

For those organizations looking to partner or co-sponsor this campaign, or for media inquiries please contact Kevin Maloney at Community Access National Network - the lead sponsor of this event at or by phone at either 202-290-2019 or 518-469-2454

Together we can make this campaign a HUGE success!

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