Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why do you RISE UP to HIV?

When I was diagnosed with HIV and Hepatitis C I had a choice. To give in to my diagnosis or to rise up, stand out, speak up. I chose to share my experience, strength, and hope to encourage others to do the same.  See the latest twitter campaign below, asking tweeters - WHY DO YOU RISE UP TO HIV? Add your response to the comments section below this post or e mail me your response to -  there is no character limitation on e mailed or posted comments. I look forward to your responses which I will post in upcoming blog entries.

Daniel Uy@DanielUrbanYogi
@RiseUpToHIV Because in the gay community right now there are many uneducated men living in fear of something they know nothing about.

Michelle Anderson@HIVBeautyQueenTo do my part to end this pandemic! #TeamHashTagHIV #HIV@RT @RiseUpToHIV: @HIVBeautyQueen I am asking people. Why do you rise up to #HIV?

Hydeia Broadbent@HydeiaBroadbent because it doesn't make sense for so many to become infected! RT @RiseUpToHIV: Why do you rise up to #HIV ? Tweet me your answer and I will RT

@RiseUpToHIV I rise up to HIV because I know I am still a beautiful human being with all the right to love and can be loved in return.

@RiseUpToHIV MJF rises up 2 help stop spread of the disease & improve quality of life of those affected #HIV

I @RiseUpToHIV for my loved ones living with #HIV #AIDS & to turn the tide on apathy because everyone needs to be more aware.

I @RiseUpToHIV because fear, stigma & ignorance are fuelling new HIV infections & allows the virus to continue to be a major cause of illness

I @RiseUpToHIV to support my bf, to prove it does not have to ruin your life, and to get people talking about it again!

I @RiseUpToHIV to make it less of a mystery for people to understand! :o)

@RiseUpToHIV rise up to #HIV cuz I don't wanna loose friends love one or family over this

@RiseUpToHIV Because I and WE can! We've lost TOO MANY friends! So, GO, @pozarmy! #HIV #AIDS @AIDS2012 #CUREaids

Wanda Brendle Moss@WandaBrendleMos
@RiseUpToHIV @PositivePitch @JamarsHood @JSquidward @aaronlaxton @staybloomin #WeRiseUpToFightHIVtogether #CureAIDS #HIV #EndStigma

I @RiseUpToHIV because I want to be here for the cure #HIV #AIDS

@RiseUpToHIV because I matter! And I have a voice that wants to be heard! #ACTUP #FIGHTAIDS

@RiseUpToHIV I rise up because my mother and grandmother gave me the will and strength to survive against all odds.

I @RiseUpToHIV to show people that it's not the end of the world. Every day I'm working to fight the stigma surrounding #HIV

@RiseUpToHIV because she's been diagnosed with HIV for over 20 yrs. & doing the work in the community to make a difference.

@RiseUpToHIV I rise up to #Hiv because as Latina and long term survivor it is my duty to show my face 2 Educate and STOMP on #Stigma 4ever

@riseuptohiv "I rise up to #HIV because I am a #HUMAN living with #DIGNITY"

@RiseUpToHIV Because I realized I was not satisfied standing on the sidelines with everyone else. I took a step forward.

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