Thursday, September 27, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest: Submission #6: "Paramour"


Dear lover,

it's been six years, two months, and nine days since we officially met.
yours is a kind of 'love' (if you wanna call it that...)
I couldn't manage even if I tried...2 forget

we played cat & mouse 4 YEARS b4 our love became a harsh & true reality...
a wicked and twisted
game of tug of war is what we engaged in ...cartoonish terms,
it was your tom 2 my jerry.

I knew many of your past exploits long b4
we danced our first 'dance'
4 that reason alone I knew u were dangerous
in a word...
a cumbersome, perilous, risk, on which only a fool  such as I...would take a chance

the list of hearts & lives you've claimed is far too long 2 count...
u been at this shit 4 years & sadly show no signs of slowing down...

I remember introducing family & friends 2 u...
& their shock when I brought u home
but we both knew what they couldn't
that after having survived loving u...
it was only then that I would know what it meant
2 really, TRULY be strong

I only think of you from time 2
2 be precise, every six months or so...
because as turbulent as our love affair was...
u took me places no other love allowed me 2 go

I came of age because of u
so in a sense I should be thanking u
its not often that I even think of u...
but inevitably, unfortunately...
you'll always be a part of me...

dear lover...
for some reason u crossed my mind 2day
so I elected reluctantly 2 reach out
tis of your nameless faceless casualties...
reflecting on how you've affected me...
signed yours truly...
2 u from me...

my sordid, complicated, subject & recipient of this letter,

© Monte J. Wolfe

founder of Brave Soul Collective, an arts/education/outreach organization with a focus on HIV/AIDS, & issues affecting the lives of those in the LGBTQ community

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest: Submission #5: "The Virus in your blood"

The Virus in your blood

Tears flow down a face once smiling
As the word comes forth
You are Positive.
Life as you know it has changed forever
A virus now inhabits your blood.

Does life now end in a sour note
Or begin with a new hope
A new vision now, for life will never be the same You prayed you would not hear the words But alas now you must move on A virus now inhabits your blood.

Life is now clearly about survival
Learning how to live anew
Hard as it may seem at the time
Life has not ended – Just the old journey A new journey of peace and understanding A virus now inhabits your blood.

Now past the fear with a new understanding Life is more joyful, everyday a new blessing Helping others to understand You have not come to your lifes end.
Just in time a new journey has begun
A virus now inhabits your blood.

You see life now as a new beginning
To live to the fullest enjoying each day Now you take the time to smell the roses Colors are more vivid and dreams more real Now you live positive – HIV+ A virus now inhabits your blood.

Loving now more than ever
Living now with a new understanding
Life is what you make of it daily
Now let the world know
You may have HIV but HIV does not have you It’s only a virus that inhabits your blood.

Living your life Positive – HIV+
Circle of life is now beginning
As new friends come – Love grows
Peace to live – Fighting from within
Praying that one day soon there will be a cure To kill this virus that inhabits your blood.

By David Moorman Sept. 26,2012

Contest Details can be found here, submissions will be accepted through November 1st 

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest: Submission #4: Fear - No More!

Fear – no more!

One day living with no worries or care
Now living each day with a new fear
Fear of sharing
Fear of caring
Fear of loving.

Why must we suffer from the disease within Not knowing how our lives will ultimately end Fear of sharing Fear of caring Fear of loving.

Hope in a pill to suppress the disease
Getting closer to the day of cure: they say to appease Fear of sharing Fear of caring Fear of loving.

I look to my Saviour  for answers to this fear I raise my head and feel the tears Fear of sharing Fear of caring Fear of loving.

Let me love unconditional and fearless
Knowing that God is ever near us
No more fear of sharing
No more fear of caring
No more fear of loving.

Hope eternal in God’s grace
He alone will dry the tears from my face No more fear of sharing No more fear of caring No more fear of loving.

Love eternal from God above
Now descend’s on my soul on the wings of a dove.
No more I fear - sharing
No more I fear – caring
No more I fear – loving.

God’s peace now reigns in my soul
This disease will no longer take a toll
I no longer fear – sharing
I no longer fear – caring
I no longer fear – loving.

by David Moorman Sept. 26,2012

Have a poem you want to enter into the contest, details can be found here

Sunday, September 23, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest Submission #2 "Positive Dreams"


              I am somebody’s grandmother, mother and wife,

I am somebody’s grandfather, father and husband

I am Asian, I am Black, I am white,

I am Hispanic… I am all colors of the rainbow,

I am German, I am American, I am Irish,

I am all nationalities.

I am someone’s friend; I am someone’s lover,

I am neither straight nor am I gay,

I represent all walks of life from the

newborn baby to the elderly grandparent,

I ask nothing from you but your life,

your time and your patience,


You may live a long and normal life if you wish,

however I am always present and will consume

your every waking hour if you let me,

Do not be discouraged, have hope and live for a new

day.  A day when HIV and AIDS are wiped out

and a new peace is returned,

I long for the day I am reunited with my friends and

family that have gone before me to prepare

a place in peace and love for us all.

Written with Love

Carl H. Barnes III 1994
Contest Details can be found here, submissions will be accepted through November 1st

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest Submmision #1: "Retro Virus"

Retro Virus


Microscopic weight
regrets with a heavy price.
more dreadful than isolation and judgment,
Internal crawling
through your veins.

A full moon looked carefully on my sorrow.
Bare feet, naked, and vulnerable
I saw a distant face in the cratered surface.

I am the barrier he uses to protect himself,
A condom
keeping fearful enemies at a distance.
His biggest fear swims
through my bloodstream
Making war against my immune system.

Too simple to miss the watchful eye of the moon,
and turn towards a loathing and hatred for myself
She calls the virus my anchor
A memento of mortality,
Ripping and tearing.

On this morning
a sober sleep expired
bathing in new conversations of compassion
I rise with the sun filled with second chances.

by: Alexander Smith

Contest Details can be found here, submissions will be accepted through November 1st

Friday, September 21, 2012

Contest: Write a poem about living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and win...

Contest Details:

Write a poem about your experience living with HIV/AIDS , and also opened to someone who has been affected by HIV/AIDS. Your poem will be posted to the RiseUpToHIV blog at http://www.riseuptohiv.blogspot.comand promoted throughout various social media outlets.

Contest begins 9/24/2012  and runs through December 5th. 2012.

Winners will be announced on Nov 10th. The winners will be selected taking into account the number of facebook likes your poem receives on the blog (40 percent) and 5 judges who will judge each poem (60 percent). The winners will be notified by November 11th, and gift cards of your choice will be e mailed or mailed on  December 12th 2012

PRIZES: 4 prizes will be awareded: 150.00 gift card of your choice for the grand prize winner, 75.00 to the runner up, 50.00 to the 2nd runner up, 25.00 to the 3rd runner up.

E mail your poem to  with any graphics or pictures you want to include (not mandatory)– poems will be posted on this blog . Not EVERY poem will be submitted for entry into the contest. Poems that get posted will be at the discretion of RiseUpToHIV.

Rules are subject to change.

A sample is a poem I wrote soon after my diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C in March/April of 2010 and a poem submitted by another individual.


March 3rd, 2010 – you have HIV
One month later: you have Hepatitis C
Who me?
How could it be?

During this month a part of me had slipped away
Hope and dreams began to fade
Days ahead were looking bleak
I never been this weak

When things aren’t going quite your way
It is easy to go astray
To disguise your fears
To flee from everyday

I’ve decided not to runaway
I took a step back
Took a look around
And will keep on my way

The days are not yet lost
My dreams are still to be
With strength, hope, and courage
Life will go on another day

This journey of discovery
Bound for up’s and downs
I’m determined to stay focused
And stand my ground

As the sun shines, and the ocean waves
A new dawn is on the way
A better light than what was to be
Will hover over me

When that day is achieved
Hope will have prevailed
Dreams will be unveiled
And life will go on another day

by: Kevin Maloney

Also check out A poem titled "Red Rise" by a friend James Anthony (not part of contest)

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