Sunday, September 23, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest Submmision #1: "Retro Virus"

Retro Virus


Microscopic weight
regrets with a heavy price.
more dreadful than isolation and judgment,
Internal crawling
through your veins.

A full moon looked carefully on my sorrow.
Bare feet, naked, and vulnerable
I saw a distant face in the cratered surface.

I am the barrier he uses to protect himself,
A condom
keeping fearful enemies at a distance.
His biggest fear swims
through my bloodstream
Making war against my immune system.

Too simple to miss the watchful eye of the moon,
and turn towards a loathing and hatred for myself
She calls the virus my anchor
A memento of mortality,
Ripping and tearing.

On this morning
a sober sleep expired
bathing in new conversations of compassion
I rise with the sun filled with second chances.

by: Alexander Smith

Contest Details can be found here, submissions will be accepted through November 1st

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