Sunday, September 23, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest Submission #2 "Positive Dreams"


              I am somebody’s grandmother, mother and wife,

I am somebody’s grandfather, father and husband

I am Asian, I am Black, I am white,

I am Hispanic… I am all colors of the rainbow,

I am German, I am American, I am Irish,

I am all nationalities.

I am someone’s friend; I am someone’s lover,

I am neither straight nor am I gay,

I represent all walks of life from the

newborn baby to the elderly grandparent,

I ask nothing from you but your life,

your time and your patience,


You may live a long and normal life if you wish,

however I am always present and will consume

your every waking hour if you let me,

Do not be discouraged, have hope and live for a new

day.  A day when HIV and AIDS are wiped out

and a new peace is returned,

I long for the day I am reunited with my friends and

family that have gone before me to prepare

a place in peace and love for us all.

Written with Love

Carl H. Barnes III 1994
Contest Details can be found here, submissions will be accepted through November 1st

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