Thursday, October 4, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest submission #7: "Suddenly I've a long time live-in Mate"

Suddenly I've a long time live-in Mate!

There is a friend I have, who wasn't a friend when we first met.
Making demands of my time and my personal space, knowing we cannot

I could call it a shotgun wedding, without a preacher to officiate.
Just moved on in with me and took up resident like a swatter in some empty
place and now gets other members on this side being used against the owner, who is me!

Long ago, I found these helpers, given to me, to assist in an eviction.

Let's be honest, I'm dealing with HIV. I've seen the sunken face that tells me, what I have.
Now, my doctor is telling me I need to fix it. Not to drive, due to my weaken legs.
How far I've come from someone I was. A road I didn't invite myself on, yet here I am.

Thrown onto a pavement filled with potholes and sometimes smooth roads. Not knowing what I will be feeling or capable of tomorrow, but I will always plan for tomorrow.

My friend has caused me not to rush anymore. This is something I like. I don't like those who are wanting to know what I do, what I have planned for my day, it's not, that it's done of their business, it's really because I don't know, yet! This is life with HIV. It takes my plans and makes the decisions for me.

My mind is intact, I'm able to disassociate my body, when it's being controlled by this swatter-mate. I can force my mind to override the insistence my friend is making, as long as I give in at times, during my day and relax, together.

My hair is falling out, something no one else in my family has seen happen to them. My cheekbones are revealing and the veins in my body are seen against the pale white skin, I'm living in. Along with age, my hiv has aged too. Controlled by phara meds, strangers I've never met, ensure I continue to get. Yes, this is life, with hiv, my friend, my mate. Like two old people, who have grown old together, in some type of marriage and grumpy together.

Sometimes, it's Felix & Oscar and sometimes it's Blanche and Rose, or Karen & Will, depending on many things and reactions. I'll keep looking at the funny side of this slow enduring relationship. I can't get rid of, so I've learn to adjust with it.

Mike Aquilino

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