Saturday, October 6, 2012

HIV/AIDS Poem Contest submission #9: "Women In and Out of the Shadows"

Women In and Out of the Shadows

Women in the shadows
Delivering messages to faces unseen
Secret identities conveying knowledge
Hopefully enlightening those
Who are fearful of the unknown

Life in a shadow can be a very lonely existence
But we are not the only ones
The ignorant flee the light like cockroaches
Scurrying towards the nearest darkened cranny

But knowledge is light
And they needn't be afraid

For the brighter the light shines
The more the silhouetted females
Can scream their existence on this planet
And bare their faces
As they have their souls

For both are things of beauty
Which should never be eclipsed


Five long years have elapsed
And much has changed...
Out of the shadows and into the light
We tentatively step
Like butterflies emerging from a cocoon
After the long cold hiding
In our self-imposed prisons

Out of the darkness and into the sun
The lid has been lifted
From our silk-covered coffins
We unfold our wings
How we've longed for this day

So long we have waited
And crept in the shadows
Shackled by ignorance
Watching and waiting
For the time to arrive

And now we are dancing
The colors embrace us
The light helps restore us
Helps reclaim our power
Helps to soften the pain

By Andrea de Lange:1990, 1995


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