Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poem Submission #16 "Undying Dream"


News from the infirmary hit me harder than whacks from a whip
I bolted at its gurgle, spurning three hands that beckoned my
An hour in the bagnio, now a multitude in black marks?
I stood ruthfully on a crooked road, holding a dying moon in my

Trapped between two horizons;
of death, and of life
Stung by bees of licentious past, and
lost in its legend

Oh die the fruit of this sprouted tree!
Beneath my feet, I shall end this dying moon?

On a train to somewhere, I asked
a lady;
'How many days are left in the casket of an HIV Joe?'
'Countless scores; excited by its pharmacon'
I thought the answer an allayer, and
was lifted by the two hands of a sweet dawn
I began to re-wheel on the track of life
With believe that my seat of death is uncounted doors away

Last night, I gave shekels, and bread to an Aids auspice, and
to the deprived around me;
I gave orphan-calf
I watched them laugh, knowing laughter is the seed that breed a
new dawn

By: Ezebuike Temple

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  1. Well done my poetic brother...speak the message. I like this.


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