Monday, October 15, 2012

Poem Submission #18 "Take Me Back"

Take Me Back
by Jeffrey Igoe

Take me back to smiles of yesterday
When the sun seemed new
and blue seemed blue

Take me back to the boy who dreamed throughout the day Who giggled, laughing, wanting play

Take me back to the School Day blues
With piles of homework left to do
Not pills to refill and infusions too

Take me back to the smell of glue
Fingers dancing in rainbow goo
Smeared across the paper white
With bold bright colors of hope and light

Take me back to days without itching rashes when I had plenty of cash and people made passes When people liked me without worry All too excited to get with me in a hurry

Take me back to Red Rover Red Rover
Searching the yard for a four leafed clover!
Where joints don’t ache or bones don’t crack All I want is to go back.

If you please I’d be forever in your debt.
So take me back before I fret.
Before virus wins...a life of regret.

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