Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poem Submission #20 "We Got Him thru so many tears"

 We Got him thru so many tears

We got him thru so many tears
We got him back with
his Mom & Pop
after many years.
They took him back in for a month or so I knew I had to let him go.
I wished he would come by & maybe say hi.
But he didn't
For the first time I was alone
But I wasn't
A knock came at my door... My heart was filled with joy as I opened the door It was him.
He said we must go get tested
I grabbed my keys and ran out with him.
We sat in the waiting room
Hearts racing.. Impending doom
I held his hand and he held mine
I wondered were we out of time
They called him in I could not go
But I sat there hopeful we did not know
The door opened he called my name
My heart was racing no one to blame
He said sit on my knee as there was no chair.
I felt with no words a great despair
I looked in his eyes I saw his fear
This wasn't the time to shed a tear
I had to be strong for him & I had to support him With no words said I cleared my head He gave me the phone Addressing unknown I knew the results no discussion Now there is a repercussion My tears I held back I thought I would crack He went back to his family Until that letter showed up at his Moms!
It was supposed to come to mine!
He called me crying and said mom got the letter.
So I knew it wasn't going to get better
He said this is why most kids want to die..
I told him to tell his mom He did the right thing... mom I got tested.
I told him obstacles are illusions
he liked that
I haven't seen him in a while
I look at the years he made me Smile

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