Saturday, October 27, 2012

Poem Submission #24 "The Memories"

Like a candle in the wind,
Our  sisters  have met a tragedy of all times, We have to save ourselves to face tomorrow, We have to face a future that will likely be quite different from what we had expected.
We have a dream,
And is now here with us,
Never to say the least,
We want to say our sorry,
As children we welcome this,
And we see a world,
Free from pain,
Mothers, sisters, wives,
Stand up,
Stand up,
Stand up for your life.

Within life's setting sun.
One is destined
Either to save or to kill
The right and dignity of man
No matter where in life you are
You're always near and never far
only when a life is torched by you
As for you ken
You torched lives and lives
So while you are so far away
Now in the land of the dead
We think of you and always pray
for everyone to remember you
As we will always do
And yes, we truly want you here
But in our hearts you'll always be
The glory that shines endlessly.
We keep the fire burning
Within our hearts you'll find
Each thought of you forever
So carefully entwined

Our hearts are always with you
The love you feel is there
Like gentle winds descending
Within each gentle moment of sober
We love you and we miss you
we always feel that glow
It's carried through the many miles
With love we always show
To us you are our heroes
The ones that own our thought and support You are near to us Although you are so far away Your names never part For good names never dies On any day that's given We know that we are blest We stand in pride in honor

I am innocent,
I was only human,
Like any other woman,
I wanted to breathe the air in the mountains, and feel the bite of cold wind, and smell of the wild flowered, and deep darkness in the humans, and arms of people I  love, it was all dreams, our outer frame can never tell what inner feeling are passing through, I have grown weary with my sighing, A little mistake, A little mistaken love shown, Thrill of an insect covered our smooth talk, drizzling of the rain melted our wish, his mind turned to me, when he had me all by himself, he clanged the way smoke does to the sky, to the maiden fools, They turned away his mind from home and from me.
I was like nothing to him,
Never existed,
I need consolatory message before I embark on this never- to – be repeated journey.
I could have been wiser,
Creation chiefly teaches men confidence, Women, mediation and trust, I could have been wiser, To listen to the inner silent voice, Voice of wisdom, voice of reflection, early voice, voice of confidence, I was trapped to the sweetness of his tongue, He could talk, Already late to understand, Late although, Late, The most careful person is careless person, We need voices to tell us we are cared, Nobody can be too busy to scratch off the part of his body itching him, We need to show it, Love, trust, care, Sometime, someday, even a moment.
God am sorry I complain,
all night long,
I make my couch swim,
with my tears,
I make my divan overflow.
Overnight I became useless in the midst of my company, I will not change anything in my life.
Already many things have changed,
when I have no knowledge of it.
Silent for a moment and observe that which ought to be done even in my absence, Keep silent before me, Brother keep silent, that I myself may speak, then let’s come over me whatever it may be, . I know it must positively be, I may have to be happy today, Tomorrow, Next, I cannot undue it.
Soul am sorry.
I wish to make you feel a new self again, Am sorry.

By: Emmanuel

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