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This petition is closed - thank you all who signed! It was sent to President Obama with an acknowledgement by Secretary Sibelius and a letter by Mary Wakefield 

On this the 30th year of the AIDS epidemic our country is at a perlious time in the fight against HIV/AIDS. ADAP and other HIV/AIDS programs across the country are being reduced, threatened to be eliminated, and states and US territories are looking at changing elegibility to qualify for these programs.

PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) are being put on wait-lists to receive life saving medications, and many are worried access to care and medicine will be cut off completely. We are facing the largest public health crisis since the epidemic began 30 years ago.

8,615 is the latest count of people waiting to receive life saving HIV/AIDS medications. Though, as elgibility criteria changes in states, people are cut off waiting lists, disenrolled and forgotton by states.

This is a grassroots effort and an additional way to show your support. I invite you to read the comments, and share your own when signing this petition.  Whether you are infected, or affected, or someone in the US who just cares; your signature is needed and appreciated. Access to life saving medication is a Human Right!  Inaction AND silence = death; and now a call to action is requred!

The overall goal of this petition is to demand URGENT action by President Obama and Secretary of Health and Human services, and Congress to intervene in this public health crisis and find the money needed to relieve ALL wait-lists.

The President re-authorized the Ryan White Care Act in 2009; and set forth ambitious goals in the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS strategy in July 2010;  and we must urge him to live up to these commitments.

As of July 1st 8,615 americans are on wait-lists across 13 states. You can see the states with wait-lists and other states which have already changed eligibility criteria or are considering cost-containment strategies by visiting the website of the ADAP Advocacy Association

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